It had been published that wordpress 2.8 All version are suffering from Xss,attackers can use this to do fishing,they make a wordpress login page as it is your own.If you don’t take care,your password will be sent to the attacker’s website.With your password,they can edit pages and upload webshell.It is harmful.

How is the attacker do this?
they insert website url like this(in the comments write place):


If someone(or administrator) moved his mouse on the author’s website.It will jump to another URL,which is a fishing page.

How can we patch it?Edit wp-comments-post.php  go line 40 and then add:

$comment_author_url = str_replace(chr(39),”,$comment_author_url);
$comment_author_url = str_replace(chr(59),”,$comment_author_url);
$comment_author_url = str_replace(chr(44),”,$comment_author_url);


Webmasters,please patch it as soon as you can.